It started with an adopted teen's gratitude


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A Sweet Chance came about after Eni Perez Neadle, a Cuban adoptive mom, instilling her culture in her children, spoke about celebrating both her teen daughter’s Quinces. After months of planning, shopping, and planning the perfect outfits and scouting locations, the photo-enthusiast gave both her daughters their traditional Quinceñeara dream and the results were magical! Jazmin, who Eni adopted from foster care had never heard of a Quince until she met her mom.


Jazmin, told her mom that if she had never been adopted she would have never had this experience.  She told Eni that this experience had to be shared with other girls who were not as fortunate.  And they did…  Jazmin and her sister, Erika, who are active participant in their school’s photography club quickly mobilized a student crew, Eni, through social media, gathered an incredible team of photographers, hair dressers, make-up artists, all who offered their services pro bono and offered teens in foster care a day of pampering, and glam, followed by a photo shoot.


Throughout this journey, Eni teamed up with long-time friend, Favila Budyszewick and new-found friend, Janeris Marte, who are all foster & adoptive moms. Together, these three powerhouses worked hard to make A Sweet Chance the local organization it is today.


A Sweet Chance's first event gifted 25 teens from Children’s Home Society & Family Resource Center to a high-fashion photo shoot courtesy of many local photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe consultants who have generously donated their time. It will now become an annual event, celebrating a milestone that would have otherwise gone ignored.


Thanks to social media, Eni and her daughters’ dream, turned viral and got the attention of I-Heart Radio and DJ Enrique Santos who extended their generosity to offer 25 teens in foster care a proper Quinceañera/ Sweet 16’s party to celebrate this milestone.


The organization has continued its service to teens and is now holding an annual graduation party for the teens as well. Graduation in foster care is a rare occasion and they have chosen to celebrate that accomplishment.  With the help of kind gestures from people all over the country, they have been able to help the teens feel special in hopes of boosting their self-esteem and motivating them to have a brighter future. 

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